Monday, February 13, 2012

Thoughts on... Valentine's Day

Okay, this is from someone who never had a nice romantic Valentine's Day. I think, I never even got flowers on this day. I've never been in a relationship around this time except for once, when I was 17 and spent the day sick in bed - on my own. I didn't even mind, it just wasn't a big thing.
As far as I know the story behind Valentine's day is a pretty nice one. There was this bishop who made it possible for couples to get married even if they weren't supposed to. So that's lovely, and people who want to get married should be able to. These days there are still discussions about gay marriage and all and you still hear stories about straight couples that can't get married because of religion, tradition etc. so this must have been a great risk 1700 years ago. Like I said, nice story. But who really thinks about that on Valentine's Day 2012? Well, not many, I guess. It's the big questions that matter, like: Will he get me roses? Does she really like this perfume? How much do I have to spend on chocolates?
I know, like always, I'm single this year on Valentine's Day and some of you will think, that I'm only jealous and miserable because of all the romantic comedies I have to watch on my own and the bottle of wine in my kitchen that goes bad because nobody is here to share it with. Think whatever you want but I'm not jealous- not more or less than any other day of the year. (Well, except my birthday, maybe, actually it's far worse to spend your birthday on your own because this day really belongs to you!). Anyway, dear future boyfriend: Save the money for flowers on Valentine's day, they are much more expensive this time of the year, by the way, save the money and take me out for dinner in about five weeks, because then it will be a surprise and I will appreciate it so much more when we're the only flirting couple in the restaurant. Tomorrow it would only be like: OMG, they look much better, oh no, this guy brought roses, oh dear, this one is not going to propose, is he?
If you like this day, enjoy it! Have a nice one with your significant other, enjoy your roses, your dinner, your chocolates! Be happy about the fact, that you can be with the person you love and that you don't have to hide anything. I will go to work instead and try to ignore all the classic lovesongs on the radio (that I love, but that are just so cheesy). And then I might just go home and drink that bottle of wine on my own while watching half a season of my favourite tv-series...

Jenny, xoxo

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thoughts on...

As I'm reading a lot of blogs and some of them are like colums in magazines or something I really liked the idea of writing stuff like that as well. At the moment I have tons of ideas of subjects I could write about. They are all in my head and I keep writing the ideas down but I never really get the chance to actually write the posts. Well, I've been pretty busy at work and most of my freetime I've been meeting friends, going out and all but believe me, very soon, I'll start writing again. Promise!
Until that, have a look at these for example:

Jenny, xoxo