Thursday, November 28, 2013

To new beginnings

November is almost over which is crazy because it means soon it will be Christmas and then 2013 will already be over. Does anyone else have the feeling that this year went by even faster than all the others? I mean there were times when things didn't seem so easy around here and that usually keeps time from going by quickly but not this year. Everything was just flying by.

Anyway, maybe it's already time to sum up the year but I'm doing this to myself because some things are just too personal to share around here but I'll share what happened around here lately:

  • I started going back to school and after one week I could say that it was definately exhausting but fun. My classmates are pretty nice and I'm excited to learn some new stuff. I also realized that it's going to be tough though but I chose it myself so here I go
  • I started work at ICU and I like it there so far. I was very nervous because I don't have any experience there and I was pretty sure people would expect me to know a lot of things. Well, they do but they also seem to understand that I have yet to learn a lot of stuff. But it was cool up to this day
  • Winter is here. Autumn went by really quickly, probably because I was busy preparing for my studies and all so I have the feeling I totally missed it which is a bummer as I love it. Now it's all cold outside and I still don't want to wear my winter coat and boots but I have to. I'm just waiting for the snow to come but sure enough, THIS is not going to happen
  • I know that sometimes I get too busy to really do stuff around this blog and all but I love writing and as I have been writing over at Buchpiraten and enjoyed it I thought I might try again to start a second blog about books, movies and music. It's in German, but don't be afraid to come by and look around! It's called More than I can read.
  • Still no step forward in freelance working but that is on my bucket list for 2014 for sure!
What have you been up to?

Jenny, xoxo