Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm moving!

Hi everyone! Thanks for your visit but from now on you'll find me on my brand new and own URL 


Jenny, xoxo

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thoughts on... Being grateful

I need to get some thoughts out of my head, this is really personal.
Usually when I think life is getting better from day to day, all of a sudden things are getting worse. Things hit me very hard during the last couple of months because when I just got over some bad news there were new ones, even worse, coming in. And then, sometimes, just when you need some support, you realize that there are people that only make you feel worse when they're supposed to make you feel better. So I suffered in silence and somehow made it through.
I'm still miserable sometimes, and I know I have the right to have bad days, just like everybody else. I still think that life is unfair sometimes. But I'm also grateful. My family, the greatest family anyone could imagine, hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to health and accidents. Whatever illness you can imagine, be sure someone around me has had it. Car crashes, too. But they're all strong people and they all survived. I'm sure that we won't always be that lucky but for now I just have to be grateful. Sometimes I moan about little things (I'm only human) but then I realize that I am the luckiest person because 1. I have a family who I love and who loves me just as much 2. we do get second chances (or third, or...).
These are just some thoughts I'm having right now and I don't want to make anyone feel bad. If anything, I want to encourage you to share your feelings (sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger than to people you know) and to think about the things that you are greatful for.

Jenny, xoxo

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ireland - The End

Hi everyone,

here are the last pictures of my holiday in Ireland. This time I wanted to show you the beautiful National Park right outside of Killarney in Co. Kerry. I used to live in Cork which is beautiful but Kerry is, too. And it''s where my favourite butter comes from. Hundreds of cows and beautiful greens everywhere... That's my Ireland!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ireland - Part 2

As I promised, here are some more pictures of my little trip to Ireland.

On my first day I went to Dingle, which is a small village by the seaside on Dingle Peninsula. I have been there before on a daytrip but I wanted to go there again as it is incredibly beautiful. See yourself:

Short visit on my favourite island

At the end of June I finally got the chance to go back to Ireland for a couple of days. I travelled around a little, went to the sea, to Dingle, to Killarney with its National Park and to Cork of course. I got the chance to meet some friends and my beloved Irish family. It's so nice to still be in touch with them and they made me feel at home in an instant when I got there. Unfortunately I only had six days but they were good anyway and I enjoyed the little break especially as things got a lot harder around here but that's a different story.

If you wonder why I love this little country so much, here are some reasons:

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend reads

Hello there,

Danielle inspired me to share my summer reading list with you. For me, every season is reading season but there are different things that I like at different times of the year. In winter there's nothing better than lying on my couch with a hot beverage and a book or to go to bed early (as it's dark anyway) and read for hours. In summer I prefer getting up early and sit outside in the sun reading a book and gaining some energy from all the light. I also love to sit outside in the evenings and read until it finally gets dark and I can't see the pages anymore. Anyway, as you know, I love lists and I keep track of every book I read and want to read so here are the books that are on my list for this season: 

(Original/English titles below)

  1. I know I'm late but I just finished reading part 1 of The Hunger Games and really enjoyed it. So, of course part 2 
  2. and 3 are already on my nightstand.
  3. = The shadow of the wind = La sombra del viento
  4. = Fear the worst
  5. There's no English version I think
  6. Love in the Time of Cholera = El amor en los tiempos del cólera

  1. pretty well known, I guess, but I have never read it (deutscher Titel: Wer die Nachtigall stört)
  2. = I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere = Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part (I so wish I could read that one in the original version...)
  3. sorry, no English version
  4. = In July (There's a movie, too, but I've never seen it)
  5. back to Jane Austen this summer
  6. no English version but there are translations to Italian, Dutch and Spanish if that helps ;-)

Maybe there's something in my list that you would like to read to, go on, do it, now! And if you have other suggestions for me be sure to share them!

Jenny, xoxo

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

28 things

It was my birthday yesterday. I am 28 now. It feels pretty good actually, not very different than 27 though but maybe step by step I'm growing up (which was my biggest fear a couple of years ago but being a grown-up has lots of positive things, too, I'm just finding out).
I drove down to my parents' on Monday and had a really bad day that day so I was really looking forward to spending a nice day with my family. My Mom and I went shopping in the morning and found some really nice dresses and then we ate out which was fantastic. In the afternoon my aunt and cousins came over and brought a lovely cake which we had with coffee and lots of talking and laughing and love. I'd say it was exactly the quiet birthday I needed.

Like every year there is a list of things I want to do during the next 12 months and here it is:

  1. Practise my Salsa dancing and go Salsa dancing more often
  2. Have a look at Lindy Hop dancing
  3. Travel further than I have ever been
  4. Travel at all
  5. Go to Hamburg
  6. Go to flea markets
  7. Try new clothing styles
  8. Buy a pair of black high heels and learn to walk in them
  9. Make my own lamp for the living room
  10. Pay off my kitchen
  11. Keep working hard for my study programm
  12. Learn Dutch
  13. Practice Spanish and French
  14. Go out on my own (do things I'm afraid of)
  15. Start doing all those little jobs right away
  16. Get a new tattoo
this year the list has only 16 things on it so far. But they are things I can all really achieve during 12 months so I'll work very hard. And maybe I'll find a few more things I can add during the next weeks.

What are things that you really want to achieve during the next months?

Jenny, xoxo