Wednesday, June 11, 2014

28 things

It was my birthday yesterday. I am 28 now. It feels pretty good actually, not very different than 27 though but maybe step by step I'm growing up (which was my biggest fear a couple of years ago but being a grown-up has lots of positive things, too, I'm just finding out).
I drove down to my parents' on Monday and had a really bad day that day so I was really looking forward to spending a nice day with my family. My Mom and I went shopping in the morning and found some really nice dresses and then we ate out which was fantastic. In the afternoon my aunt and cousins came over and brought a lovely cake which we had with coffee and lots of talking and laughing and love. I'd say it was exactly the quiet birthday I needed.

Like every year there is a list of things I want to do during the next 12 months and here it is:

  1. Practise my Salsa dancing and go Salsa dancing more often
  2. Have a look at Lindy Hop dancing
  3. Travel further than I have ever been
  4. Travel at all
  5. Go to Hamburg
  6. Go to flea markets
  7. Try new clothing styles
  8. Buy a pair of black high heels and learn to walk in them
  9. Make my own lamp for the living room
  10. Pay off my kitchen
  11. Keep working hard for my study programm
  12. Learn Dutch
  13. Practice Spanish and French
  14. Go out on my own (do things I'm afraid of)
  15. Start doing all those little jobs right away
  16. Get a new tattoo
this year the list has only 16 things on it so far. But they are things I can all really achieve during 12 months so I'll work very hard. And maybe I'll find a few more things I can add during the next weeks.

What are things that you really want to achieve during the next months?

Jenny, xoxo

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