Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend work

Hello there,

I have always liked drawing, whenever I could reach a pencil and a piece of paper I'd started working on something. People told me I was talented but I actually think that I just had a lot of practice. And I'm not even THAT good. I actually thought about studying arts after school but then I didn't even apply. Somehow it seemed more reasonable to get a "proper" job. My parents were pretty glad, I think, although they would have supported me in any way, like they always do. I have to confess there was another reason. To apply for the good schools I needed to pass a test and send in samples of my work so they'd see my talent and creativity. But that is the problem. I have thousands of ideas in my head, sometimes it's hard to get them out all at once, they keep coming. But when someone says "draw me something", I can't. I just can't. It's not that I don't want to see people, not at all. But I want to do what I like to do. There were phases when I wanted to draw bodies. So I did. One after one, day after day until I got sick of it. That's how I practice and I like it that way. Someone telling me to do something else wouldn't have worked although it would have been nice to learn some other techniques and materials. But then, I can still try...

Anyway, I didn't go to art school and for a couple of years I stopped drawing nearly completely (like unfortunately I quit a lot of stuff in my teenage years). Just lately you can find me sitting around in my flat with paper and pencil again. I'm practicing a lot to be as good as I used to be and I love it even more because there's no pressure at all. Right now it's all about faces. Eyes, Lips, Noses. Maybe you like some of the things you see, maybe you have some advice for me, then please, let me know!

Jenny, xoxo

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