Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi everyone!

Dear, I haven't been very productive since last week, I was just working a lot. I had a lot of ideas though. I have to get myself a sewing machine, because I have a nice idea for a bag and some other things. A while ago I already made a nice little bag and I wanted to do some more but I did that with my Mum's machine and that is still at home ;-)

I got some good news from a friend I met in Ireland. She's from Brazil and I haven't seen her in ages but now she's probably coming back to Ireland, that would be so great!

Unfortunately my holiday plans are still not fixed. A friend of mine who had thought about coming to Spain with me can't come now and I don't know if I can afford it on my own as I wanted to go by car. Now I'm thinking about going to Ireland instead. I don't know... But what's good is I might go to Paris for a weekend in October with two friends who are living in Cork, that would be great. I have never been there and I miss the two of them a lot.

Well, I'll keep you updated and I hope to be able to show you pictures of the bag and all soon.

Jenny, xoxo

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