Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend work

I've decided to change the name of this section as I'm not always able to post on a Saturday ;-)
This weekend has been great so far. We've had the nicest weather, sunny and warm and that meant I had to go out and enjoy that. My bike has been fixed so I'm back to going to work by bike which is just lovely. Fresh air, sun and I'm also much faster than if I go by car (with waiting at the traffic lights, looking for parking...) or by tram...
On Friday when I came home from work I fixed some stuff around the flat and got ready to go out with some people from work which was great.
Yesterday the weather was even better and I went to have a barbecue with some friends. We've had such a good time. Afterwards we wanted to watch the Eurovision Song Contest which I like a lot but there have been some technical problems so I didn't get to watch it really. Anyway, I had a great day.
I have been working on some stuff. I'm making two bags at the moment, one knitted and one crocheted. Here they are:

I couldn't finish it yet because I haven't bought the fabric that goes on the inside yet but this is how it's going to look like (hopefully!):

I've had this funny pompom yarn lying around for a while and didn't know what to do with it. It's really nice, soft and all but it's not easy to knit with it so I started crocheting and decided to make another bag out of it.

I've just started so you can't really see anything but it's probably going to be a very simple shoulder bag.

Also, I found this old friend around here:

Well, actually, it has been sitting around here all the time but I haven't played in ages so it was a bit dusty and untuned and all but as I found playing the piano making me feel so much better during the last year I've decided to finally learn how to play the guitar properly. I've bought the guitar a couple of years ago and learned how to play a few very simple songs but I never actually learned how to play it properly and never practiced. So now, I really want to do it and I hope it'll make me just as happy as playing the piano.

Today is a lazy day, I have been reading a bit but haven't done anything special yet. A friend of mine is coming back from her holidays at home today and we're probably going to meet up tonight for a couple of drinks as tomorrow is another public holiday around here ;-)

That's it so far, I'll go back outside to enjoy the sun! What have you been up to this weekend?

Jenny, xoxo

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