Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A lot going on

There's really a lot happening at the moment. I drove to Cologne on Sunday afternoon after a really nice weekend. Thursday I went to visit Sarah and we had a nice chatty evening. Friday I went to see the students of my school who where celebrating their exams. It was okay, but I didn't really know anyone there so I was a bit bored. Saturday I went to a barbeque party at Nicole's and it was very good. I haven't seen her in ages and we really had a nice evening. Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast at Lisa's because it was her birthday. And after that I got my stuff, jumped into the car and was on the way to Cologne. I had a huge traffic jam and very bad weather on my way there so it took me about five hours to get there. Then I saw the room I got there and it was terrible. But anyway, I only needed to sleep...
In the morning I got up and went to the ward and worked there. It was good. The people were pretty relaxed and there's enough staff there so you have a bit of time for the patients. That's all really new for me, at the old hospital we had to do everything but in that hospital there is a girl organizing everything, like, when patients have to go to a different part of the hospital or when they're going home. AND there are people who give the patients their food and even help them with eating. That is really new to me, you really have a lot of time for the patients.
Well, I liked it there and apparently they liked me, too, because when I came to my interview appointment it took about three minutes and then I was offered a job. I can start at October 1st. The contract will be open-ended and the conditions are standard. But there will be a new neuro ward opening soon and I might have the chance to go there. I'll see.
Big problem now is that I can't get a room in the staff accomodation, they are all full in October. I'm now looking for a shared flat or something but as university starts as well now that is pretty hard. I don't have any money saved so everything is a bit complicated right now. Well, I hope I'll find something anyway, I'll keep you informed.

xoxo, Jenny

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