Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just can't sleep...

Well, it's pretty late and I still can't sleep. Too many thoughts, too many things going on. Yesterday (well, or the day before... I'm talking about Friday) I got up pretty early and drove to Cologne. I wanted to look at some rooms. So I went to see two on Friday, spent the night at a friend's place who lives close to Cologne (thank you soooo much!) and went on to see another four today. It was crazy, so many different people, so many different places in Cologne. I had two favourites, one already wrote me an e-mail to say she found someone else, the other one I'm still waiting for. Keep your fingers crossed! That room is the most expensive one but it's in a good part of the city and very close to my work so it would be ideal. But if it doesn't work I'm not too sure what to do. I'll probably take the room that is a bit out of the city but still close to my work. The girl who's living there doesn't really seem to care, apparently she works a lot and just wants to share the flat because of the money. I could just move in with her for the first couple of months and then find something else.
I came back home at around half 8 and since that I want to get to sleep. First I was watching TV but at 11 I went to bed. I couldn't fall asleep so I got back up. At 1.30 I tried it again but still couldn't fall asleep. Then my brother called me and asked me if I can collect him from a fair. I did but then my car died on the way back home. My Mom collected us in the end and I had to leave my car there. I hope everything's fine because I don't have money to fix anything...
Anyway, I'll try to go to sleep now again, it's about time that I finally find some rest.

xoxo Jenny

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