Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There's the silver lining...

Imagine, I got a room! The one I wanted! When I came back from Cologne I was hoping for two rooms and one immediately cancelled. The other one, I didn't really see a chance because there were so many people applying for it but I got it. It's so cool! One of the girls living there is really nice, I met her Saturday. And the other one just came home before I left but she seems to be nice, too. The room itself is pretty small but there's a big living area which is pretty unusual but very nice. So now I'm just waiting to drive up there again to bring my stuff and make plans and all.
My car is back as well. And it wasn't as bad as I expected first so that's okay now.
I was in a really bad mood yesterday because everything seemed to be messed up but today it really looks a bit brighter and there are only a few more things to organize and then I can move and start the next part of my life. So looking forward to it...

Jenny xoxo

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