Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just a short notice

Just to let you know, everything went well so far. I'm in Cologne right now, sitting at a computer in an internet cafe waiting for my roommate to come home from school so I can get into the appartment. I wanted to show you pictures of my packed car but I couln't find my camera in that mess. I can just tell you, nearly my whole life was in that car (still is!), isn't that sad? Anyway, went to the doctor this morning, he said there's no problem with me starting to work on Friday as long as my blood is okay (should be...). And now I have my contract and am soooo excited to move into my new flat and start working and everything.
Yesterday I went to visit Jana on my way to Cologne and spent the night there. It was so nice to see her again. It's already a month since we're back from Ireland. So weird still. But nice to have her here, not too far away. She's moving, too, on Saturday.
Well, that's it for the moment, I'll write again when I have internet at my flat.
 Jenny xoxo

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