Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At home or something like that.

It's done! I moved into my new appartment yesterday. I'm so glad my roommate helped me getting all my stuff upstairs. We were totally exhausted after that but I don't want to think about what it would have been if I was on my own..
Anyway, I brought all my stuff into my room and even if there is no furniture really it looks pretty nice. The walls definately need some color though, everything is white. And the floor isn't very nice so I need an idea for that, too. And then, when I have money, I need a bed, a wardrobe and some shelfs and stuff. It will be all very nice I think!
I can use my neighbor's internet connection as long as we don't have our own, that's so nice, I just knocked on their door earlier, gave them 5 Euro and asked if I can use it and it was no problem. One of them just moved in today and invited me over for a beer, so I sat there for a while and just had a little chat. It was nice, I met some of the people who live there and some friends of the new guy. It's definately very easy to meet people here, that's good. My roommates seem to be nice, too. One of them is a student and she goes out a lot and spends a lot of time in her room during the day but she's nice. And the other one goes to school and to work and is nice too. I think everything will be fine here for the next few months and that's good. Work starts on Friday and is only 5 minutes away, I can just walk there, that's perfect!
That's it so far, I'm very tired, it's all so new and exciting and all.

xoxo, Jenny

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