Saturday, October 2, 2010

step by step

I've been pretty busy during the last days. I started work yesterday and it was really good. There are two more new people on my ward so it's not that hard for me as I'm not the only one who has to learn everything and ask for everything and stuff. Very cool now I have the weekend off and go back to work on Monday. I'm pretty excited!
At the moment I try to make my room and the whole appartment more comfortable. First of all it needs to be cleaner here. I'm really not a neat freak and stuff but it wasn't very clean when I arrived, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. There's no hoover and nothing to clean with really so I was a bit helpless. But now my roommate accepted that it's disgusting and is helping me with cleaning and wants to buy a hoover. I hope it'll work.
Today I went to the flea market and it was so much fun. It takes place every Saturday so I guess I will be there a lot. Today I bought a children's chair which is my bedside table now (just needs some color soon) and a little shelf for the kitchen. It already looks better now. I'm positive that it will be pretty cosy in here in a few weeks.
I just tried to upload some pictures of my room but it didn't work. So maybe tomorrow!

xoxo, Jenny

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