Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little update

It's time for an update. I'm often too tired to post something these days. What can I say? Life is good. I really like Cologne so far and I really hope to go out tomorrow night with some people from work. Work is great. It's still hard though but I'm pretty sure everything will be very good in a few weeks. Most of the people working there are very young and haven't been there for a long time so they remember how it is starting to work there. They help me and all the other new people a lot and so I get the chance to get used to everything step by step. Really, it's very good.
What's not so good is that it's getting colder outside and we don't have heating in our flat at the moment. Nobody really seems to care but it's really bad especially in the mornings and evenings when you don't really want to go into a cold bathroom and take a shower. And I already had a winter with practically no heating last year so I'm not going to do that again. My roommate tried to call the janitor a couple of times yesterday and today but he doesn't pick up the phone. I really hope we get to talk to him tomorrow because it's supposed to get really cold over the weekend.
Also we still don't have a hoover. I'm pretty bothered because with three people living here things just get dirty and I really can't relax after work in a dirty flat. As nobody's doing anything I think I have to go and buy one although I really don't have the money lying around... Anyway, I'll have to but I'm taking all this stuff with me if I move out (hoover, all the things in the kitchen, tv) and I won't even care.
Well, beside this, life is really good and I'm pretty happy. I feel a bit lonely from time to time, because I don't really know anyone here and most evenings I spend at home on my own (my roommates aren't home a lot). But I'm sure I'll make some friends here soon and everything, I'll just have to go out and be a bit patient ;-)
That's it for now I think and now I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow I'll visit my friend Julia in Düsseldorf and I am very excited!

xoxo, Jenny

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