Friday, December 31, 2010

It's been a while

I know it's been a while since my last post but there has been a lot going on here. Let me tell you what happened in the meantime.
I really enjoy working at the hospital. My co-workers are very nice and the work is pretty interesting. We've got a lot of depressing and hard things as well but most of the time I really enjoy being there.
Most of my co-workers are so nice that I even spend my evenings with them sometimes. It's very good that most of us are pretty young and we get along well.
My living situation is still not the best. I decided pretty soon that I didn't want to live in that shared flat anymore as I don't get along with my roommate pretty well and I hate the fact that the janitor and the house owner don't really give a sh... what's happening here. Every other day the heating doesn't work and it's really freezing in here. There's no good insulation and it's very cold outside so I'm sitting here covered in blankets drinking tea all the time.
The other girl who was living here before, the student, moved out in November and another girl moved in. We get along pretty well which is good but I still want to move out as soon as possible. I have been looking at flats for a while and there were nice ones but it seems like everyone in Cologne is looking for a flat...
That's that. What else? I don't really know. It's the last day of the year and time to have a little resume. I really enjoyed 2010, it was definately one of the best years ever. I have met my wonderful Irish family, a lot of friends on that little island, I came back to the people I love and now I am exactly where I hoped to be: in Cologne, doing a job I really like. Can it be any better? Well, maybe some tiny things, so I just hope 2011 is getting even better, but I'm positive.
Also I have some new plans for the new year, I'll tell you about them as soon as I know how they'll work.
So for now, thanks everyone for making 2010 so special,

Jenny xoxo

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