Monday, February 21, 2011

Sing, Travel, Relax

I went to the casting of that choir last week and I made it. I went there, totally nervous and saw that there were lots of other applicants. Then I went in there and had to sing in front of three people who wanted to decide if they take people or not. So I sang, we talked a little and I went home, they wanted to send me an e-mail the next morning. I went home, couldn't sleep and the next day at work all I thought about was that choir. Fortunately I went home and saw that I made it. It's so great. I love all the songs we're singing there, the people are really nice and I realize how much I missed singing during the last years... I'm just happy.

Have I mentioned, that I'm going to be in Cork for St. Patrick's Day? I am so excited. I'm going on the 14th of March, only for a few days unfortunately but I am so happy about it. I'm really kind of homesick (I still think it's weird to call it that but that is the exact feeling, I miss the country, my family, my friends...). I'm going with Jana and Kiki, Lisa and Sophie will already be in Cork and I also hope to see Laura and Anna. And of course my lovely Irish family. I'm a bit afraid that the babies won't recognize me anymore, it's been so long. I have seen pictures from Christmas an Ben looks so grown up, it's unbelievable. The poor baby has been very sick a few weeks ago but is better now, thank God. They are so great, by the way, we had already booked a hostel for the time but they offered me to stay in the house even though they won't be at home most of the time. I can't believe how nice they are, I mean, I don't live there anymore and all and they would still let me stay there. So cool.

Today is just another lazy day, I don't really know what to do. I was working nights at the weekend, just got out of work this morning and out of bed a while ago. I think I'll just stay on the couch for the rest of the day enjoying not to work ;-)

Jenny, xoxo

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