Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cork vs. Cologne

It's been a month-again- since my last post. I'm really bad for writing at the moment but I also didn't have a lot of time.
Work was pretty hard during the last weeks. We had lots of very sick patients and unfortunately some of my co-workers were sick as well so there was a lot to do with only a few people working. I was really sick of it and got a bad cold that still hasn't gone completely.
Fortunately I'm after having a week off. I spent five days in Cork with Kiki, Jana and Mirjam, Kiki's sister. It was great! We went on Monday and came back late last night and we had a great time. We were all visiting our families and we celebrated Paddy's Day and met lots of nice people. Lisa and Sophie were around as well and I was very happy to see them. Spending time with my Irish family was great as well. It felt a bit like coming home, nothing has changed really, I'm still pretty close to my hostparents and I enjoyed just talking to them. The babies were a bit shy at first but then they were really great. Louise showed me around as they moved bedrooms and all and Ben is talking now. First I couldn't believe he was saying my name but then he started babbling away. About his bedroom, about his toys, about Louise, about their cousins christening... It's so funny-and so scary. They have grown so much and are real little people now. Well, it was hard again to leave them, I hope next time will be pretty soon and just as good.
Unfortunately I didn't see all of the people I hoped to, like Laura for example. But I guess it's just hard because I was on holidays and they were all in their normal routines...
A few words about my first Carnival in Cologne, maybe. It was so cool. Caro came to visit for a few days and I went out with her and friends from work every day. I loved it. I mean, I loved Carnival before but that is even better. Can't wait for next year ;-)

That's it for now, I think, I'll just have a quiet Saturday night at my parents' before I drive back to Cologne tomorrow,
Jenny, xoxo

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