Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look, who's back

Someone reminded me a few days ago, that I used to blog. And, yes, I did, and I always enjoyed it, I just didn't have the time to do it lately. And, to be honest, I enjoyed spending time away from the computer, in the sun, at the lake and stuff like that.
Life has been pretty good during the last weeks/months. Work is still good, although I really needed holidays which I am having now.
Also things in the choir went pretty well so far except for a few little things but that's a different subject. We had our big concert at the Opera House a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Caro and Tina came to visit and they really liked it too.
At the moment I'm at my parents' enjoying a few days off. I planned to go away for a while with Caro but it didn't work out so I'm just staying here instead and going away for a few days with the Scouts on friday. I'm really looking forward to it, I haven't been away with them for so long...
I haven't been very creative lately, well, actually I had a lot of ideas and plans for my living room and my balcony and some decorations and stuff but I didn't have the time and the material to do anything. Now I've got some plans again and I hope it'll work better this time. I also promised to paint some pictures for a friend's flat and that means I really have to do it ;-)
My plans for this week are: Reading (I hope to get myself a Kindle soon, that's an e-book-reader and before I use it I really want to finish the book I'm reading now or maybe even one more), drawing, relaxing. And: go to IKEA with Caro (but I'm not allowed to buy ANYTHING!), pack the stuff I need for the Scouts trip, celebrate Tina's birthday, celebrate my birthday (not a big deal really, I just hope to go out for brunch with some girls and that's it).
That's it for now, I think, I hope to spend the rest of the day in the backgarden with a book and some sunshine...

Jenny xoxo

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