Monday, September 19, 2011

Holidays at home

Oh my, time is running, probably because I don't want it to. I'm still off work for one more week and I spent the last two weeks at my parents'. It has been great. I caught up with all the people I haven't seen in a while, went to some nice places and just had a good time. I'm pretty relaxed now, that's just what a holiday should look like, right? Unfortunately I didn 't get away really because I decided to save money for bigger travel plans next year and at first I was a bit sad but now I think it was the right decision. It was nice just to spend some time with the family and long missed friends. One of them had a baby six weeks ago and I was really glad to see her after a long time now and to meet the new baby girl.
I wasn't really productive while I was at home but it felt good just to relax and not having anything to do. I read a few books and really had some nice days. I went to Europa Park, I went swimming, I went to have a nice afternoon at the lake...
You see, I'm pretty happy. Yesterday I drove back to Cologne and I'm also glad to be back here now having another week off. Today I slept in, had a nice late breakfast, went for a run (after which I thought I have to die, I should just workout more...) and now I'll probably have just a nice evening at home. In the next days I hope to see some of the Cologne friends and enjoy the last days of my holidays.
That's it, nothing special but all really good ;-)

Jenny, xoxo

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