Friday, April 6, 2012

Hello world, I'm still here...

Yes, I am, more than every I'd say. I have been very busy but busy sometimes is really good. I started my new job in March and I love it. It's pretty hard to get in though, that's why after work I often had to take a break and after that I have been reading a lot about my work. I really wanted people to see that I can do it, that I really want to do it and that I'm interested. I think it worked. I like the people there and they also seem to like me, giving me the feeling that I'm wanted and that all my questions don't annoy them at all. They have been helpful and supportive and I'm really thankful for that. In other words: I now know that I have made the right decision to quit my old job and start the new one. Of course work is work and sometimes I will just hate having to work at all but at the moment it's just really good.

doesn't this one just make you smile all the time?

I thought a lot about being happy during the last time and I think I can say that I am. I mean, I know that things aren't perfect but will they ever be? There will always be things like financial problems, family issues, worries, problems and stuff so I decided to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and concentrate on what the good things are that I have right now. I like my job, I have the best family in the world, the best friends anyone could have and the sun is shining (at the moment it's setting, actually, but it has been shining for the whole afternoon). I have a long weekend, I've had the time to finish a book and start another one today. In the past weeks I have seen people that I like a lot but don't see very often lately, I've had good talks. I went down to my parents' and found that almost everyone is doing quite well. I've seen my cousins little boy and had the chance to play with him. He gave me hugs and told me he liked having me over, words that can only be true if a 3 year-old tells them. I'm full of ideas and motivation. Maybe it's spring that gives me this feeling maybe it's just me, finally growing up and realizing that I should stop searching and reaching for things all the time. I don't know. But I love it...

Well, that was a positive one, wasn't it?

Jenny, xoxo

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