Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday work

I might make this a weekly feature (I hope I'll stick to it!). As on Saturdays I usually have lots of time and I'm usually not as lazy as on Sundays, I started crafting, sketching, painting...

Today I had an idea: Sketching on furniture:

My living room table was a pretty boring white one from IKEA. It looks pretty nice if it's decorated with some candles, plants and stuff but I still wanted something special so I had the idea to personalize it with a simple drawing.

I still don't know yet if I'll leave it like that or if I'll add some more stuff. Also I'm not sure how to fix the drawing. It's waterproof as it is but I'm pretty sure it'll go away after a while. Maybe that will be the time to start a new drawing but also maybe there's some paint I can cover it with. I'll see.

There are a few more pieces of furniture around here that could use some color or drawings, so maybe I'll start something else soon.
Moreover I have some paint left from the shelf I made last week and some boxes and stuff and I started building a small bookshelf. I'll share that with you soon.
Now it's your turn: Do you like my idea? Do you have any personalized pieces of furniture? Will you do something like that soon?

xoxo, Jenny


  1. Great,,,
    apart from blogging another creative ventilator..

  2. wow that's bold drawing on your furniture - did it feel quite freeing? where else would you do it?

    1. it did kind of... i also wrote on my wall the other day and i thought about drawing on my bookshelf as well, i actually had a great idea last night but it's not finished yet. i'll let you know ;-)