Sunday, June 10, 2012

26 Things

I'm turning 26 today. Jeez, ten years ago (yes, I was 16 TEN YEARS AGO!!!) that seemed really old to me. Now I have days where I feel pretty old, for example when I need a whole day of recreation after a night out. Or when I don't go out on a work night. Then I feel very young on other days, when I want to go out for a whole weekend or when I am being spontaneous and do things without planning. I also feel way too young to settle down and stuff like that, when I was 16 I thought I'd be married and have children by the time I turn 24 and now? I'm not even close to it and that's good. So many good things have happened instead and I feel like I still have loads of time. See, still pretty young ;-)
Here are 26 things I want to do until my 27th birthday (I've seen this on other blogs and think it's a really good idea):

  1. Taking sewing classes online
  2. Doing 12 sewing projects in 12 months
  3. Write one letter or postcard each month
  4. Starting to sell my stuff
  5. Going to the cinema more often
  6. Doing at least two weekend trips (Hamburg or Berlin or London or Amsterdam or Cork or...)
  7. Buying a new music album each month
  8. Going to a music festival (Summer Jam!)
  9. Blogging at least once a week
  10. Getting a new haircut
  11. Working out more (at least twice a week)
  12. Dressing up
  13. Wearing the heels I bought a year ago more often!
  14. Joining a choir
  15. Learning to play at least three new songs on the piano
  16. Going shopping! (not online, not in the shopping center, IN TOWN!!!) And buying a complete outfit! (already did this once last week!)
  17. (This is additional to No.12 and No.16) Wearing a dress at the wedding in July
  18. Making my own jewellery
  19. Bringing the ideas out that run around in my head
  20. Saving a bit of money each month
  21. Visiting my friend in Innsbruck, snowboarding
  22. Reuniting with my au pair friends (I miss you guys!)
  23. Finding a new appartment (maybe)
  24. Visiting my Irish hostfamily
  25. Reorganizing my blog
  26. Worrying less about stuff that isn't worth it...
That's a lot now, I'll see how far I can get. But goals are good, I think, which ones do you have for the next months/years?

Jenny, xoxo

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