Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Recap: Music 2012 - part I

Here's a part of what I listened to during the past 12 months. Some of the albums I bought are a bit older already because I just discovered the band or because I wanted to listen to some of their earlier stuff. So, let's see:
  • Fun - Some nights
    I really loved their song "We are young" from the first time I heard it and was even more impressed by the acoustic version. But my favourite on the album is this one:
(my current favourite might change from day to day)
  • The Band Perry
    I don't know why, but I found myself looking for country music and found The Band Perry. I haven't listened to too many of their songs but the ones I know are pretty good, so I might have a look at their other stuff.
  • Cro - Raop
    This song was all over Germany's radio stations and music television since the beginning of 2012. I didn't know the guy before but I liked it a lot so I went to see him on stage in June. VERY good! Just as good is his first Album "Raop" which was a big success over here. People know his songs "Du" and "Einmal um die Welt" but I like this one, which isn't on the album:
oh yes, he always wears this mask because he wants to keep his privacy
  • Asaf Avidan - One day
    You couldn't get around Asaf Avidan if you ever turned your radio on. I just love his voice! I haven't had the chance to listen to his other stuff yet though. But see yourself:
  • I follow rivers (original by Lykke Li, alternative version by Triggerfinger, dance version by Audiogroove)
    Which one is your favourite? I liked them all!

  • Casper - XOXO
    That album was released in 2011 but I only bought it last year. The German rapper has a very special voice and style. I really like that some of his songs are autobiographic, most of them are pretty powerful, you should give him a listen wheter you understand German or not.
  • Absynthe Minded - Envoi
    Sometimes funny things happen to me. Like when I found this song on my computer, that I have never listened to before. Where did it come from? Well, it was probably a free iTunes download or something one day... Anyway, I liked it! Do you?
  • Deichkind - Befehl von ganz unten
    Deichkind have been a big deal in Germany since I think the year 2000. Back then their songs were mostly Hip Hop while now it is mixed with a bit of elctro. It is pretty cool because they have their individual style. They are pretty famous for their live shows and in March 2012 I finally got the chance to see them on stage.
  • Gotye - Somebody that I used to know
    One of these songs that got me from the first time I heard it. It was like: "What is that? It's really good! Can anyone tell me? Will the host on the radio tell me what it is? HELP!" It took me a couple of days until I found out (since then I am using Shazam or Soundhound) and from then I listened to the song about a million times.
  • Portugal. The Man - People Say
    Another song that somehow landed in my iTunes. But worth a listen, I'd say. I might try some more of their stuff soon.
What do you think? Do you know all of them? Did you find something you didn't know but liked? Tell me about it! Also tell me what your favourites have been!

Jenny, xoxo


  1. Good list. I like to see what music is popular in other countries. Check out the artist Grimes and her song Oblivion. I am kind of obsessed lately.

    1. Hey! Yes, I think it's interesting what other people are listening to.
      That song ist really cool, I have never heard of Grimes before though, I'm going to check out some more of her songs... Thanks!

  2. Some Nights was my favourite song off that album as well! I wasn't a huge fan of their first album though! I've been loving Bon Iver lately, I can't get enough of them!

    1. Hi Vic!
      Thanks very much, Bon Iver are really good, haven't listened to them in ages though. I think I should take notes of all the bands I've heard of and liked so that I don't forget about them ;-)