Saturday, January 5, 2013

Innsbruck 2012

At the beginning of December I had a few days off and I finally made it to Innsbruck, Austria. Catherine, who lived next door back in my hometown moved there about two years ago and I wanted to visit her since. Unfortunately, like always, I had no time or was totally broke so it took me quite a while. This time it actually happened and I loved it. I had a great time there, we went snowboarding, I did a bit of sightseeing, we went out for dinner and drinks, we just enjoyed ourselves. Innsbruck is a lovely little town and its beauty is incredible. I stood there taking pictures of the snow-covered mountains all of the time, I just didn't get enough of them. But now, let me show you:

This was simply the most beautiful train ride

The "Golden Roof" is a well-known sight of Innsbruck but actually it is tiny and pretty unspectacular...

That's what you see from Catherine's balcony. Stunning, right? I'm so jealous!

Me right before I went snowboarding for the first time. Oh, I forgot my sunglasses...

If you're into winter sports, you might know this ski jumping jump, it's pretty famous

 This is pretty much what the jumpers see, when they're going down there. Scary!

Catherine had to work one day so I went sightseeing. This is Swarowski Crystal World. It's like a museum in a cave, this is the entry

They are showing sculpures of big artists who have worked with crystal, like Niki de Saint Phalle

 and Salvador Dalí

I also learned about artists I didn't know, like Brian Eno and Jim Whiting.

even the bathrooms are fancy at Swarovski...

 Well, and that's us ;-)

I definately had a brilliant time there and I hope to go there again soon, it's really worth it!

Which places have you wanted to go for a weekend trip for a long time?

Jenny, xoxo

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  1. These pics are lovely! I've actually never been snowboarding, but I would looooove to go to Austria. So pretty.

    1. Thanks very much! You should definitely try snowboarding, it was very hard but SO much fun! And Austria, well, at least Tyrol, is beautiful...