Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Look- who's still there (News Part II)

Hello there, lovelies,

how have you been? Here's the second part of the "what's been going on here"-thing I've been doing.

Well, as I told you there has been a lot of work with the moving and all, that's when I actually didn't feel like blogging. It would have been the same moaning all the time, I think so I just kept my mouth shut.

There was also work. I had kind of a hard time because I had to figure out what I wanted to do. I now have decided- and already applied- to take classes for becoming a specialized nurse for anesthesia and intensive care. It's not sure that they'll take me but I really hope so. It means that for two years I will be taking classes and I will work at different intensive care units and operation theatres. I'm pretty excited, it's supposed to be very hard but I want to do it! So keep your fingers crossed!

Then, after I moved I actually didn't have internet access for a while so that kept me from blogging. But now I am back, I'd say ;-)

The other thing I was thinking about was finally opening my own little shop to sell what I knit and sew and crochet. I have many ideas but I haven't made the final step. My biggest wish would be to open an actual shop on my own but that is really too far away so first it will be an online shop, I think. Here are two bags I recently made, kind of my Spring Collection:

What do you think? Do you like them? I love the colors!

Well and the last thing that kept me from blogging was that I actually took a blogging e-course at Magnoliaelectric and wanted to be sure how I like to go on blogging before I'd do it. I found a few ideas and I thought about it a lot and I think I have it kind of figured out by now.

Between all these things there just have been a few days where I didn't feel really well because everything just seemed to be too much so I hope you'll understand that I really do love blogging but sometimes I just have to put myself before all of those other things to just breath deeply and take care of myself and what makes me happy. That I did and now I feel great!

Do you sometimes think you're doing too much or you have too much going on? How do you handle that?

xoxo, Jenny

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