Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Look- who's still there... (News Part I)

It's me! I guess you barely remember, I'm the person who owns this little piece of the Internet here. And I'm back to tell you what happened around here, what's new and what's about to happen.
I finally moved! At the beginning of February I found the perfect flat for me. 50 square metres, living room, bedroom, a nice, big kitchen, balcony and a tiny bathroom with a bathtub. All of that in exactly the area where I want to live plus even cheaper than my old flat! After all the stress with the flat hunt I thought I could finally relax a little and look forward to moving there but that was actually when the stress began. I had to find someone new for my old flat so I could get out of the contract earlier, I had to paint walls, fix stuff, sort things out, get packed and organize the whole moving. I didn't think it was that much work but it definately was. But it was also worth it! I moved in here on Easter weekend and I had help from some of my great friends, co-workers and my parents who drove all the way up here to support me (incredible!). The first days were a lot of work again with painting the walls, getting unpacked, making this space my new home but that was actually a lot of fun. And now I'm pretty much done and enjoying it a lot. It only takes me a few minutes to get to work in the morning and when I'm going out late there's always a subway home or I can even go by bike. I just love it. But let me show you some pictures:

Living room. I want to have a big desk there by the window where I can put my sewing machine and all my craft supplies and my computer, printer and stuff from work so that these thing get sorted. But I haven't got the table yet so this is what it looks like (oh, I put my tv there in the left corner in the meantime to be able to watch DVDs although I won't get regular television there).

My nearly new couch. It's the same I used to have in the old flat but I upholstered it. It looks really better now although I've never done something like that before.

The hall. It definately needs some more decoration but I'm not too sure about it yet.

The bedroom. I kept everything pretty simple in there because I'm not too sure what I want. I definately need some nice curtains to keep the light outside in the mornings and I'm still thinking about buying a new bed. I haven't found the right one though so I'll wait with the rest until that is decided, I think the bed should be the main part in here. The keyboards are in here because I had some extra space and because I sometimes want to play when I can't fall asleep.

The kitchen. Oh, how I love the kitchen! For someone who likes to cook and invite people over for coffee or dinner, it has been very hard to have a tiny little kitchen during the last three years. So there it is, my kitchen, where I can sit on my own, reading, having coffee, where I laugh with my friends over some gossip, where I cook dinner and have people actually near me because there's enough space for more than one person. That's also the place where most of the housewarming party took place last weekend ;-)

The balcony. The weather hasn't been too good yet so I haven't done a lot out there but there are big plans about vegetables, strawberries, herbs and flowers. And warm summer nights with friends and long talks. This balcony is about twice the size of my old one which makes it huuuuge for me ;-) 

There aren't any good pictures of the bathroom so I'll show you another time.

So this was part II of the news around here, part II is in the next post, be sure to read it, too and thank you so much for your patience!

What have you guys been up to? What have I missed?

Jenny, xoxo

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