Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My top 10

I'm pretty busy with the apartment hunt at the moment, during the last days I went to about 10 different flats but without any success. Most of the flats were too small, not very nice, too expensive or in neighborhoods where I don't want to live. I found something like the apartment of my dreams last weekend. It looked great, a bit special, just as I like it, it was big enough for me had a reasonable price, was exactly where I want to live and even had a tiny balcony and a garden! Unfortunately I didn't get it and I am really disappointed and lost my motivation to go on searching. I will, though, I just need a break for a few days...
In the meantime here are some nice things I wanted to share with you:

  • Passenger - Let her go.

  • Stef's ecourse on magnoliaelectric.
    I'm doing it and it's a lot of fun to rethink my blog, my writing, everything. She's telling about all of her experiences with blogging so you won't learn how to do everything step by step but she gives ideas, inspiration and motivation. Have a look at it! Oh, it's in German by the way.
  • Hats.
    Winter still goes on. It actually only started a few days ago around here, but now it has been freezing cold and we even have snow (there's not too much snow in Cologne usually). So what could be better than a warm hat to keep your head and ears warm?

  • Knitting.
    I know... I do THAT all the time. But I always love doing it. At home, in front of the television or while listening to good music or an audiobook. But now I actually found a few girls who like to knit as well. Some of them want to learn it (and doing a really good job!), others have been doing it for quite a while. We met up and the funny thing is: They are great! I mean, it's a really good time we're having, meeting on Sunday afternoons, knitting, drinking lots of coffee and tea, eating cake and talking. I'd say I have been really lucky meeting them.
    If you ever think about meeting new people, try to meet them through a thing you love doing so there's always something you can talk about and the other things will just come with it! 

  • Orchids blooming in winter.
    I love that they don't care if it's snowing and give me some spring feelings.

  • Pink Jeans.
    I actually thought I'd be too shy to wear them but I'm not! I'm in love! When it's dark and grey outside bright colours make the days a bit nicer...

  • Carnival preparations.
    Carnival is a big thing here in Cologne and I have always adored it. At the moment I'm working on costume ideas and outfits. Some friends had the great idea for me, I'll show you as soon as I'm finished. Anyone else celebrating Carnival???
  • TV-shows.
    I know, I'm watching too many tv-shows, but some of them are really good. Like "Girls", season number 2 is on, yay! And I just started watching "Danni Lowinski", a German show about a young, naive, funny lawyer. She's great and I can't believed I missed that show so long. Have a look at it if you know German!
  • A good read.
    At the moment I'm reading Das Glücksprojekt. It's funny, the writer says she read all of the self-help books to become the happiest person in the world and now she writes about her experiences. It's a real fun read.
  • Lovely Coffee Place.
    I like all kinds of coffee places because I like all kinds of coffee and other hot beverages, but unpersonal and expensive coffee-to-go places are just not nice if you want to hang out for a while, read a book or have a chat with friends. I'm always looking for alternatives. Here is one:
    Cafe Duddel
    Great food and drinks, nice waiters and lovely homemade cookies with every coffee. When I told them that they are brilliant they brought me the recipe. The waiter sat down at our table for a while and talked to us, really nice guy. They also have smaller events like readings and concerts. If you're ever in Cologne you should stop by.
Well, that's it for today I guess, I hope you have some nice things to cheer you up when you're down, too!

Jenny, xoxo

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  1. Oh, das mit der Wohnungssuche kenne ich. Einfach geduldig sein! Die richtige Wohnung kommt schon noch.:)