Thursday, June 20, 2013

My top 10

I haven't done that in a while but here's what I like and liked during the last weeks:

  • My birthday

    with cake
celebrating with people I love

and presents ;-) 

  • Trying new stuff with my iPhone camera. Thanks to Katja I have found some lovelynew apps. You should give them a try if you're into stuff like that

I like almost everything that Elsie and Emma do, this app is no exception. I like it for putting in some text or doodles. The app costs E0,89 but the two girls definately deserve it!
PhotoStudio. It's pretty cool for giving your pictures a little special effect. The basic version is free so try it!
Hipstamatic is my favourite. It looks like an old Lomo Camera and you can choose which film you want to use and if you need a flash and all before you take the picture. Then you take the piture and have it "printed" in a few seconds. It's so much fun, I have taken hundreds of lovely pictures with it. It costs E1,79 but I really like it a lot so it's worth it. It even has some sound effects ;-)

  • Berlin
    I told you before how I liked Berlin
  • Minimalism
    I listened to an interview on the radio lately. They said that every person has about 10,000 different things. One guy reduced his stuff and now has only 100 things. Imagine how you can really make your life more simple and appreciate things more if you have less stuff. I am really thinking about how I could make that.
  • Reuniting with Sophie in Berlin
    We met, got something to drink and to eat and sat by the river talking for hours. It was so great, I really hope we can do this again (with the rest of the girls)
  • Bastille - Pompeji (especially this acoustic version)
  • Are you an arts and crafts addict? I am...
  • Joy turned 32 and made a lovely list of goals
  • Ask yourself one of those questions from time to time
  • Playing the piano

    I went to a music store with my brother last week and while he was getting his bass guitar fixed I had a look at the pianos and fell in love. I really like to play, it just makes me happy! I have a keyboard at home but playing on a real piano is so much more fun. It's just too expensive! Anyway I'm going to practice even more now and one day I hope to be able to buy myself a piano! 

    So, what did you like lately?

    Jenny, xoxo

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