Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Work

Guys, you know that I like beeing busy. And that's what I've been this weekend. Getting myself organized is always a big part of it but I actually had some "real" stuff to do, too.

A friend of mine is moving to a new flat next week and there was and is still a lot of work to do there. So I headed over to help with the painting and stuff.

there I am, having a break ;-)

I also had to read and recite a book I got over at lovelybooks. I really like reading and I love discussing the books, too, but it just takes a lot of time sometimes, especially when the book is really intense and you have to stop and think about what you read sometimes.

This one is about women in Saudi Arabia, Libanon, Egypt and other states where they are often treated badly and don't have the right to do things that we do every day like driving a car and so on. It tells the story of women who fight for their rights, who win and who sometimes lose everything they have. I really got into these stories and was close to tears not only once. Real good read but not just a thing you read before going to sleep.

The next thing on my list was doing some knitting. Because I'm still planning to sell my things in the near future I asked people what they would like me to knit. I got two orders from friends and I'm currently working on the first one, which is so much fun:

Hat "space invaders"

I wasn't sure if this will work out but my first try looks pretty good, as you can see. I'm a bit proud of it and I hope it'll turn out as expected in the end.

The last thing I was working at was a label that I can put on my things, which is now nearly finished, I think but I still have to figure out where to print the labels and how much this is going to cost me. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with things so far.

What other ideas do you have? What kind of hat/scarf/gloves... would you like to have? I'm always glad when people tell me what they're looking for and I'll try my best to realize those things.

How was your weekend?

Jenny, xoxo

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