Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My top 10

Here we go with the things I liked lately...

  • Closet shopping
    I've heard about that a lot but never done it before. You just open your closet for someone else if you have too many clothes you're not wearing anyway and they can try those things on an buy some of them. I did that this week and found some really nice dresses
this one, for example

or this one ;-)
  • Autumn
    I love it, just like every year and the past days were just lovely

  • Boots
    Also an autum thing ;-)

  • The public holiday tomorrow
    Because it means I'm going out with a couple of girlfriends tonight
  • Amy Macdonald
    Currently listening to a couple of her songs and I just love them. Did I even tell you that I went to see her on stage with my Mum in August? She was gorgeous and it was such a nice concert...
  • Muffins
    You know, I'd always choose cooking over baking, just because I prefer savory food to cakes and all. But I do like muffins and bisquits so I made quite a few lately. I also have some great ideas for more muffin baking which I might share with you soon
  • Looking at pictures like these
  • If you want to be a happier person, maybe you should stop doing some things
  • I am always thinking about getting a pixie cut again.
    Who wouldn't want one when looking at those pictures?
  • Did you guys know that we have a lighthouse in Cologne?
    If you don't, then you should really check it out, it's beautiful! See here and here

So, what were your favourite things lately?

Jenny, xoxo

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