Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What makes me happy

I am happy. Most of the time. Of course, sometimes things make me angry, there is always stuff to worry about (but I'm doing that way less than I used to) and there are situations when I am close to tears. Normal, right? But most of the time I remember that there are things that make me happy and my mood changes in an instant. I want to share some of my happy moments with you:

  • Last week I was driving in my car which by now is special itself because I'm not using it that often. I was listening to the radio and singing along with a song. I had to stop at a traffic light and looked in the mirror to see the woman in the car behind me was singing the same song. Great stuff, made me smile big time.
  • I visited my family when I had a couple of days off last week. Since I moved to Cologne I only see them every once in a while and sometimes I'm even too busy to talk to them on the phone so whenever I come home it's like a great big reunion. I just love my big, crazy, loud family so much I can't even tell you.
  • Christmas time. I started listening to Christmas songs about two weeks ago. People call me crazy because I'm so obsessed with Christmas music, Christmas markets, decorations and all of that. And I sometimes wonder why I didn't really like it when I was younger. Doesn't matter because I'm making up for it now by being the biggest Christmas fan around. Now I'm only waiting for the snow to come!
Christmas isn't complete without this one ;-)
  • Work. Just like that. I was never able to understand how people don't like their work. Just choose a job that you like and things are great. Right now the job at ICU takes a lot from me, my brain seems to be bursting with all the stuff I'm learning each day and physically I am terribly tired when I come home. But it satisfies me, I love it that way.
  • Dancing. Sometimes when I'm at home I turn on the music and just dance around. When I have to clean the flat, wash the dishes or do stuff that I don't like that much it goes so much easier when I go a little bit crazy. I also do it in the mornings. I hate getting up early but when there is a good song I'm standing in the bathroom in my pyjamas, toothbrush in my mouth and do a little dancing. And things feel better immediately. Try it, too, haha!
this guy knows how to do it!

I might share more things that make me happy in the future because I am really grateful for those big and small things and when something goes wrong from time to time I like to remember that life is great and being sad and angry is just a waste of time.

What are the things that make you happy?

Jenny, xoxo

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