Monday, January 6, 2014

That was... 2013

The New Year has already started, time to look back at the old 2013 and see what we've had there. For me there were lots of ups and downs like every time I had the feeling I've reached something good, something put me back down. Sometimes it was hard for me to stay positive but somehow the year is over and I'm pretty sure 2014 will be so much better. But I don't want to forget though are the positive things that happened in 2013, like:

I moved into my dream flat

I went to Maastricht with Caro

I went to Berlin and visited a couple of people that I really like

I went sailing

I went to see Amy MacDonald with my Mama

Raphaella came to visit me

I went on a weekend trip to Amsterdam with those two <3

I went on a day trip to Antwerpen with Caro

I also went to Hannover to visit my girl Kiki and in the end I got to celebrate Christmas with the whole family!

And thinking about all those good things make me forget the not so good ones a little bit, so thanks for letting me share this with you!

What was your 2013 like? Good? Not so good? Or mixed like mine?

Jenny, xoxo

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