Monday, January 20, 2014

What's new this year?

Well, this year will be all about me. That's not supposed to sound selfish but I have made the experience lately that I tend to do what's best for others and not for myself. That's okay when it comes to family and close friends because they'll give it back some time. It's also fine at work because I like to think that my profession is more than just a job and you have to put something in it. But I've realized that from time to time I surround myself with people who suck the life right out of me. They're not only wasting my time but take all my energy and in the end they leave me like that and I just feel sad and tired. That is over.

Also I want to stop pressuring myself. I know that I need a bit of pressure to get things done but I will stop worrying about things that don't matter (that much). Take this blog for example. I love writing and especially blogging around here but I often think I need to write more regularly, do more DIYs and recipes, post more pictures... That is over, too. I am going to write when I want to write and I am sharing the stuff I want to share. This is not going to be one of those super famous blogs with one million visits ever so I am very grateful for you guys and I really hope you'll stick around but if you want a blog that is fashionable or that is updated every other day then you should go and have a look somewhere else.

I also want to try some new stuff this year. I've wanted to take Salsa lessons for a while now and never actually went so I decided to change that. I found out there was a workshop two weeks ago and I asked if I could join and I did. The first day was a bit boring and I thought that it wasn't the right thing for me but the second day was great and now I'm actually taking lessons. I'm enjoying it a lot and am very excited about what I'm going to learn...

What are your plans for 2014?

Jenny, xoxo

PS: I really meant it, thank you so much for reading and leaving comments, it's such a motivation and every one of you is appreciated!

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