Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have watched some TV-shows during the last days and I want to share them with you, they have been pretty good.

First of all: New Girl. It's about Jess who moves into a flat with three guys after her boyfriend cheated on her. First they aren't very happy to have her there but after telling them that all her girlfriends are models she's allowed to move in. She's in a really bad mood, watching Dirty Dancing about five times each day, crying all the time but then they are starting to like her. And everybody will understand, she's just adorable, a bit crazy, makes up theme songs for herself and stuff all the time. It was only the first episode but I can't wait to see what's happening next.

Then: 2 Broke Girls. Max is a waitress in a diner in Brooklyn, she really needs but hates the job and shows everyone. When a new waitress, Caroline, is starting to work there she can't imagine her working there and makes fun of her all the time. All she's really crazy about is her (very hot) boyfriend.
Caroline used to be rich but has lost everything and needs to work now for the first time of her life. Curcumstances bring her to Brooklyn where she starts working at the diner. She doesn't seem to be very smart but kind of lovable and after a bad start the two girls seem to become friends. They have the idea to open a cupcake shop and decide to raise $250 000. This was also just the pilot but we'll see what's going to happen.

I also watched Mike&Molly, it's a show that started last year, the 2nd season is going to start in a few days. It's a funny show about Mike who's working as a policeman in Chicago and tries to lose a bit of weight. At "Overeaters Anonymous" he meets Molly (the adorable Melissa McCarthy, known from Gilmore Girls), who is a school teacher and has been overweight since her childhood. She lives with her mother who doesn't have any weight problems at all and isn't a big help for Molly's diet, and her sister who likes to party and smoke marijuana.
Molly likes Mike when she first sees him at the OA-meeting but it takes him a while to finally take her out. When Molly feels sick on the day of the date you can see this isn't going to go so well...
Mike&Molly is a funny show which is definately worth watching. Both, Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell are very funny and so is Molly's Mom. Her sister just fits in because she's the opposite of Molly and maybe I should also mention Mike's partner who gives a lot of dating tips but isn't as succesfull himself, he still lives with his grandmother. Most of the time they talk about women at a diner, Mike is always trying to stay on his diet but Samuel, the african waiter, doesn't make that easy...

That's all about the new shows I've been watching but another thing I have to mention is Ashton Kutcher in Two and a half men. I didn't know what to think when I first heard that Charlie Sheen wouldn't be on the show any longer and Ashton Kutcher will be the new star in it. But now after a lot of gossip and stuff I watched the first episode I think it is really good. Ashton aka Walden Schmidt is pretty funny and I'm excided to see what will happen...

Oh, and for all How I met your mother- Fans: I want to know who's getting married!!! Please tell me it's Robin!

Jenny, xoxo

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