Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I like about autumn

Summer hasn't been a great one so I'm excited that autumn is finally here. I really like hot summer days but even more I like spring and autum, when you can get out in a light jacket, when you can finally breath, it's not too hot but you still get some warm, sunny days and everything smells like winter's nearly here.

Here's what I like most about autumn:

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Clothes are more cosy this time of the year and you can finally wear jackets (but only light ones ;-) ).

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Nature is so full of all these lovely yellows, reds and browns.

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Confession: I love rain. Especially when I'm inside. Or wearing wellies.

Hot drinks
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Tea, hot chocolate, chai...

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Just spending an entire day inside, reading a book or watching films.

So: hello, autumn! I've missed you! <3

Jenny, xoxo

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