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Yes, I'm back! It's been a while and it's 2012 in the meantime. I'm starting with one of my resolutions right now: blog more! I mean, I'm reading too many blogs already, takes me a lot of time and I enjoy doing it because they are all great but I should spend some more time offline or at least I should blog more myself so here we are.
I just sorted my bookshelf, finished my reading list 2011 and checked how many books I have, that I haven't read yet. I'll tell you in a minute, because this comes with another resolution: I have thousands of books on my Want-To-Read-List and I keep buying new ones but for this year I have decided I have to read two books I already own before I'm allowed to buy a new one. That's a good start. My goal is to read at least 10.000 pages in 2012. I tried that in 2011 already but didn't reach my goal.
Here we go, books I own (as hardcovers, paperbacks, audio books and e-books):

  • Alcott, Louisa May - Little Women
  • Alighieri, Dante - Die göttliche Komödie
  • Alutegen, Karin & Murray, Steven T. - Shame
  • Austen, Jane - Emma
  • Austen, Jane - Love and Friendship
  • Barry, Sebastian - Annie Dunne
  • Bonner, Stefan & Weiss Anne - Heilige Scheiße: Wären wir ohne Religion wirklich besser dran?
  • Bronte, Charlotte - Jane Eyre
  • Bronte, Emily - Wuthering Heights
  • Bukowski, Charles - Fuck Machine
  • Byrne, Thomas & Cassidy, Tom - How to save the world with salad dressing
  • Carroll, Lewis - Alice im Wunderland
  • Dickens, Charles - A Christmas Carol
  • Dostojewski, Fiodr Michailowitsch - Schuld und Sühne
  • Fielding, Joy - Flieh, wenn du kannst
  • Franck, Pierre - Wünsch es dir einfach aber mit Leichtigkeit
  • Garder, Jostein - Sofies Welt
  • Goldt, Max - Ä: Kolumnen
  • Hay, Louise - Power Thoughts
  • Hesse, Hermann - Narziss und Goldmund
  • Hornby, Nick - How to be good
  • Janes, Diane - Why don't you come for me?
  • Levin, Ira - A kiss before dying
  • Ligocka, Roma - Das Mädchen im roten Mantel
  • Locke, John - Saving Rachel
  • Losada, Isabel - For Tibet with Love
  • Murakami, Haruki - 1Q84
  • Nietzsche, Friedrich - Also sprach Zarathustra
  • Nolden, Stefanie - 28 Stories über AIDS in Afrika
  • Olafsdottir, Audur Ava - The Greenhouse
  • Orwell, George - Animal Farm
  • Osborn, David - Jagdzeit
  • Palahniuk, Chuck - Fightclub
  • Pancol, Katherine - Die gelben Augen der Krokodile
  • Pavolthavee, Nick - The Happiness Equation
  • Regener, Sven - Der kleine Bruder
  • Sachew, Matthias - Linksaufsteher- Ein Montagmorgen
  • Schätzing, Frank - Tod und Teufel
  • See, Lisa - Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
  • Seiwert, Lothar J. & Küstenmacher, Werner Tiki - Simplify your life
  • Shakespeare, William - Ein Sommernachtstraum
  • Shakespeare, William - Hamlet
  • Shen, Samuel - House of God
  • Slaughter, Karin - Dreh dich nicht um
  • Sparks, Nicholas - Message in a bottle
  • Stewart, Jeff - Why balloons rise and apples fall
  • Stroker, Bram - Dracula
  • Thömmes, Günther - Der Bierzauberer
  • Tolstoi, Leo N. - Anna Karenina
  • Tolstoi, Leo N. - Krieg und Frieden
  • Victor, Barbara - Shahidas
  • Wiggins, Marianne - Noahs Schwester
  • Wright, Austin - Tony and Susan
There are a few missing, but I can't remember them all, some of them are at my parents', some are in boxes on my wardrobe... I'll let you know when I find them.

Here are the books I've read in 2011:

  • von Kürthy, Ildikó - Freizeichen (232 p.) **
  • Entschuldigung, sind Sie die Wurst? (288 p.) ***
  • Weiler, Jan - Mein Leben als Mensch (224 p.) ****
  • Mosby, Steve - Der 50/50-Killer (496 p.) ****
  • Gavalda, Anna - Zusammen ist man weniger allein (551 p.) *****
  • Fielding, Joy - Lauf, Jane, lauf (448 S.) ****
  • Ahern, Cecilia - If you could see me now (339 p.) ****
  • Binchy, Maeve - Minding Frankie (480 p.) ***
  • Nicholls, David - Zwei an einem Tag (224 p.) ***
  • Glattauer, Daniel - Gut gegen Nordwind (224 p.) ****
  • Feeny, Penny - That Summer in Ischia (312 p.) ***
  • Strunk, Heinz - Fleisch ist mein Gemüse (255 p.) **
  • Sotschek, Ralf - Gebrauchsanweisung für Irland (200 p.) ***
  • Weiler, Jan - Maria, ihm schmeckts nicht (272 p.) ****
  • Poladjan, Katerina - In einer Nacht, woanders (172 p.) ***
  • Ullrich, Alyssa & Hortense - Last Girl Standing (254 p.) **
  • Turney, Lesley - Die fremde Frau (476 p.) *****
  • Hornby, Nick - Slam (315 p.) ***
  • Russel, Lindsay- Making it big (352 p.) **
  • Kerkeling, Hape - Ich bin dann mal weg (352 p.) *****
  • Schnoy, Sebastian - Lass uns Feinde bleiben (300 p.) ***
  • Coelho, Paolo - Veronika beschließt zu sterben (223 p.) ****
  • Foster, Juliana - The Girls' Book (128 p.) *
  • Sandstrak, Pelle - Herr Tourette und ich (488 p.) ****
  • Hornby, Nick - Small Country (158 p.) ***
  • Ist meine Hose noch bei euch) (288 p.) **
Total: 8371 pages

Oh, and here's something for the Kindle users: There are lots of free e-books or cheap ones at the moment at They aren't all very intersting but you might find some. Some of them are in English, some in German.

Have I mentioned, that 2012 is going to be my year? I don't have too many resolutions but there are some changes happening here and I'm really looking forward to them. I'm starting a new job in March and I'm so excited about that. I hope to go to Ireland again this year with the girls, I hope it's going to be just as good as last time. I have also been working a lot on myself and I'm going to keep doing that, because I realized how good it feels. It's not just eating healthier and doing sports and stuff but it's also working on my thoughts and all. I am more relaxed about a lot of things and that's so good. I stopped worrying about things that I can't change (to be honest, I haven't stopped but I try and I'm still working on that) and I spent more time doing things that I like. I think the best resolution for 2012 is to just stay that way! As last year wasn't the best because of all sorts of things I'm really going to make this one my year (that's one positive post, isn't it?)

What about you? Do you have any resolutions, any plans, any thoughts on the new year? I'd love to hear about them!

Jenny, xoxo

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