Thursday, June 13, 2013

26 things: Last year's goals - recap

So here are last year's goals and what happened to them:

  1. Taking sewing classes online - unfortunately not done but there was too much going on anyway, it goes on my new list though
  2. Doing 12 sewing projects in 12 months - failed, completely. But I have some new ideas and will start soon.
  3. Write one letter or postcard each month - failed. I liked the idea but it was really so much easier to email and stuff. Still I want to give it another try
  4. Starting to sell my stuff - I have put some things together and found out about my options, it just takes a while so this is hopefully going to happen by the end of the year.
  5. Going to the cinema more often - I went more often but I still want to do it more.
  6. Doing at least two weekend trips (Hamburg or Berlin or London or Amsterdam or Cork or...) - Innsbruck, Maastricht, Berlin!
  7. Buying a new music album each month - check!
  8. Going to a music festival (Summer Jam!) - check!
  9. Blogging at least once a week - not there yet but life just kept me busy...
  10. Getting a new haircut - Not a complete change but I had some experiments with color and stuff.
  11. Working out more (at least twice a week) - joined a gym and am working out more!
  12. Dressing up - done
  13. Wearing the heels I bought a year ago more often! - done
  14. Joining a choir - it's really not easy to find a choir that takes new female members so still on the search...
  15. Learning to play at least three new songs on the piano - two are done, I'll count this as a success.
  16. Going shopping! (not online, not in the shopping center, IN TOWN!!!) And buying a complete outfit! (already did this once last week!) - done
  17. (This is additional to No.12 and No.16) Wearing a dress at the wedding in July - done
  18. Making my own jewellery - Not jewellery but clothes. Even better!
  19. Bringing the ideas out that run around in my head - there are too many but I realized some of them
  20. Saving a bit of money each month - done, then moving day came, I spent a lot and have to get back to the saving thing...
  21. Visiting my friend in Innsbruck, snowboarding - done and done
  22. Reuniting with my au pair friends (I miss you guys!) - not yet, unfortunately
  23. Finding a new appartment (maybe) - check!
  24. Visiting my Irish hostfamily - like number 22 :-(
  25. Reorganizing my blog - did that, now I just have to keep going.
  26. Worrying less about stuff that isn't worth it... - done, most of the time ;-)
I have completed 18 out of 26 goals which is not too bad. I hope next year will be even more successful! I'm excited to see what is lying ahead!

Jenny, xoxo

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