Monday, June 10, 2013

27 things

Today is my 27th birthday. It doesn't feel any different from being 26 but, as always, I'm excited to see what is going to happen to me in the year that lies ahead. I liked setting goals for myself last year so I'm going to do that again. Sometimes it just reminds me what I want when I lose track. So here we go:

  1. Making my balcony the most beautiful place in the world
    I really love my little balcony and as I hope summer is finally coming, I really want to have a place where I can relax, recover, meet people and just have the opportunity to go on a 5-minute-holiday whenever I want to
  2. Finish my apartment
    There are a few things still missing: A big workplace where I can put all my crafting supplies and where I can put my books and school stuff, when I am back to studying, a nice curtain for my bedroom and a couple of lamps.
  3. Going on a real holiday
    Not visiting my family, not visiting my friends wherever, just go someplace else for a couple of days (maybe even somewhere I have never been before)
  4. Self-respect
    I thought about me and my behaviour a lot during the last couple of weeks and found that I usually have a lack of self-respect. This has to stop. I am going to make sure that I won't only treat others nicely but that I treat myself just the way that I deserve it. I will also not tolerate others treating me badly anymore. I know that should be obvious but apparently it is not for me
  5. Run
    I never liked to run. Because I was pretty bad at it, so I just didn't do it. And never became better. See where this is going? With my fitness level increasing I want to challenge myself to reach two goals:
    Being able to run for half an hour without a break.
    Participating in a 5K-run
  6. Doing my best at work and at the upcoming further studies starting in November
    I really like my job and of course everyone has times where it all seems to go nowhere but now that I know that I will be back at school for two years I know it IS going somewhere and I want to do the best I can.
  7. Lose 10kg
    Just because I know it would make me feel more comfortable
  8. Take sewing classes online
    Because I didn't do so last year
  9. Doing 12 sewing projects in 12 months
  10. Taking more pictures, doing a summary of pictures each month
    Because it's a shame that all my pictures stay on my phone or computer all the time
  11. Write one letter or postcard each month
  12. Open my own online shop, sell my stuff
  13. Join a choir
    Because I miss singing
  14. Save a little bit of money each month
  15. Buy a new camera, finally learn how to take professional photos
    I have been wanting to do this for a long time and never got the chance. The camera is too expensive, I don't have enough time or ideas. Enough with that! I'm going to buy a simple, used camera and just start shooting.
  16. Reunite with the au pair girls
    It's about time
  17. Visit my irish host family
    Because I often wonder how everyone is doing and sometimes even dream about them. I'd really like to see them.
  18. Handmade presents
    This worked out so well last Christmas. I want to do it more often, because people really seem to like what I make.
  19. Get things done
    I am a big fan of to-do-lists and even a bigger fan of crossing things off them. But the lists just become longer and longer and I start to lose track and don't finish the things I have to do. I keep forgetting how good it feels to finally do the last thing on a list and throwing it out. This big relief when you can say "I am done!" I really have to force myself to getting things done.
  20. Cook more, try more new recipes
    I really like cooking and now that I have this beautiful, big kitchen, I like it even more. But when I come home from work I'm often just tired and lazy and make myself some pasta and pesto or stuff like that. I really have to start trying new recipes again. Now that I can finally invite people over for dinner I should really do it!
  21. Try something I've never done before
    I'm not sure what but I am thinking about it
  22. Write down the story I have created in my mind long time ago
    Because otherwise no one will ever read it
  23. Get a new tattoo
  24. Be grateful
    I often think too much about things that I would like to do or things that I don't have but I sometimes don't appreciate the things that I already have and the things that I can do. I really want to be more grateful and happy about them
  25. Believe in myself
  26. Make my own ice cream
    Katja does it and I really want to give it a try, too. Have a look at her ideas, too!
  27. Reading the newspaper
    I don't really watch tv so I get all the news from the internet or the radio and I really want to start reading the newspaper regularly.
Sounds like a lot of work and I'm ready to do it! I'll let you know about how everything works out. I will also tell you about what happened to last year's goals later this week.

My birthday itself was a quiet but good one. I spent last night in Berlin with a friend and we had a great day yesterday with cycling and sushi but we were wrecked afterwards so we had a quiet night with sparkling wine and a nice talk. Today I spent a lot of time on the bus to get back to Cologne, had a few very nice phone calls from people I love and went out for dinner and a cocktail with Eva, who gave me the nicest birthday cake ;-)

I will visit my family next weekend and have a little celebration with them as well before we're having a bigger celebration for my cousin's 30th birthday. It's going to be great!

Thanks to everyone who called, e-mailed and texted me today!

Jenny, xoxo

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