Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Come on, I'll show you around

Sometimes I realize that after more than three years in Cologne there are still a lot of places that I don't know. Even if they are pretty close. So I decided to take little trips to all the pretty places here. And I'll take you with me.

Last week I went to Melatenfriedhof. It's a really big, historical cemetary within walking distance from where I live so as the weather was really lovely I took a walk there and just wandered around. It's a wonderful place, lots of trees, it's very quiet and peaceful although it's in the middle of the city. I loved it there, but let me show you:

 There are lots of older graves and they look as if they have been there forever

Others look really nice, people really invested a lot of time to make this place a nice one, not a sad one.

These ones must have been expensive, too

 Look at how great this looks in the sunshine!

I'll definately go there again, maybe in winter, I think this place looks nice when it snows, too.

What about you? Are there places in your hometown that you have never been to? How do you like old cemetaries?

Jenny, xoxo

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